Dryer Vent Cleaning

Why it's important to keep your dryer vent clean.

Improved Energy Efficiency by Reduction in Drying Times

Removing the debris that is restricting the vent allows the dryer to run at top performance, reducing drying times.

Increased Safety

Accumulation of lint in the dryer vent leads to reduced air flow, this restriction causes overheating and in some cases fire. Protect your family by having your vent cleaned annually.

Machines Last Longer

Drying clothes with limited air flow through the vent puts added strain on your dryers’ components, shortening its lifespan.

Increased Clothing Life

When lint and debris clog your dryer vent, it causes your clothes to dry at a higher heat than normal. Over the course of many cycles, this can cause unwanted damage to your clothing.

What are the Signs that your dryer vent should be cleaned?

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