Air Duct Cleaning

Do you know what's in your ducts?

Dust, dirt, hair dander, insects, rodent feces, construction debris, etc. Contributing factors to the amount of these contaminants can be the result of the amount of people, pets and foot traffic in and out of the home.

Over time these contaminants accumulate in your air duct system and are re-circulated throughout your home. Chances are you have vacuumed dust from your vents numerous times throughout the imagine the dust inside.

How will we clean your ducts?

All air duct cleaning services are performed using our fully equipped vacuum trucks or hybrid portable vacuum with air driven agitation devices to loosen debris. Fogging machines are used to apply EPA registered deodorizers and sanitizing solutions per manufacture specifications.

Our camera system enables us to view inside the ducts before we start and is used as a tool to assist us throughout the cleaning process as needed. We email before and after cleaning photos to our clients when requested.

How much will air duct cleaning cost?

Properly cleaning an entire duct system in an average home can typically range from $600 to $1200 or more, but there are several factors that affects the cost and time involved to complete.

Each home is different, so it is not a one price fits all. Some factors that affect the price, system size and accessibility, number of vents and location and level of system contamination.

With Pro Air Solutions you will have an agreed upon price in writing before any work begins. Contact us below for your free estimate.